Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch here all 20 movies covering Yaghans circumnavigation 2006-2009 in chronological order with English subtitles

Below here in this blog you can watch all the 20 movies covering Yaghans circumnavigation 2006-2009 in chronological order with English subtitles. Just click on the movie you want to watch. These 20 movies have earlier been televised in DI TV - the television arm of the leading Swedish businees daily "Dagens Industri". In May 2010 our book " Back at the helm - sailing the Yaghan to Antarctica, Patagonia and the South Pacific" will be published in English. You will be able to buy the book at the HR Parts on line shop.
In the USA you can buy the english edition at

Nedan i denna blogg kan du se alla de 20 filmer som täcker Yaghans jorden runt segling 2006-2009 i kronologisk ordning med engelsk text. Bara klicka på den film du önskar se. Filmerna har tidigare sänts i DI TV - Dagens Industris TV kanal. Vår första bok " Vid nytt roder - med Yaghan till Antarktis, Patagonien och Söderhavet" publicerades i maj 2009. Den täcker första halvan av jorden runt seglingen. Boken om den andra halvan publiceras i Sverige i maj 2011.

Movie no 1, part 1: Stockholm to the Bay of Biscay ( All movies are with English subtitles )

Movie no 1, part 2: Bay of Biscay to the Canary Islands

Movie no 2, part 1: From Canary Islands over the Atlantic

Movie no 2, part 2: Over the Atlantic to Brazil

Movie no 3, part 1: Brazil, Punta del Este, Mar del Plata to the Falkland Islands

Movie no 3, part 2: Falkland Islands to Ushuaia

Movie no 4, part 1: Ushuaia to Antarctica

Movie no 4, part 2: Antarctica

Movie no 5, part 1: Chilean Channels

Movie no 5, part 2: Chilean Channels

Movie no 6, part 1: Chile and Robinsson Crusoe Island to French Polynesia over the Pacific

Movie no 6, part 2: French Polynesia

Movie no 7, part 1: French Polynesia and Suwarrow to Tonga

Movie no 7, part 2: Tonga - paradise for whales

Movie no 8, part 1: Fiji

Movie no 8, part 2: Fiji to New Zealand

Movie no 9: From New Zealand to Darwin, Autralia

Movie no 10: From Australia ( Cocos Keeling ) to Cape Town

Movie no 11: From Cape Town to the Caribbean

Movie no 12: From the Caribbean to Stockholm